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About the Author: John Stanley Newell

John Newell is a retired designer who spent his free time during his career, conducting a free-form style of medical research to save his own life from recurrent, life-threatening respiratory diseases. In 1978 after deciding to take responsibility for his own health and using the same meticulous attention to detail required in the architectural field, John embarked on a medical journey of discovery from a fresh perspective that ultimately revealed a global medical sector blindly stumbling in circles around the obvious solution to the Covid-19 pandemic.

1. Why do you, a non-medical person think your book will help end the threat of Covid-19?

My approach to Covid-19 is based on what is known about not only the virus, but also the known weak spot is in the “lifecycle" of the virus. To understand how to take advantage of the weak spot, you have to know about how the human body treats nutritional substances as they are processed by body chemistry. The medical community makes assumptions about how nutritional elements interface without ever checking to be sure those assumptions are valid. We all know what the word assume means by now. As a result the medical profession is fighting this battle against a very vulnerable virus using a set of beliefs that are wrong to the point of fraud. The fixation on drugs and vaccines is a diversion meant to protect profits in many areas of the medical and industrial food sectors.

2. What made you think you were even a candidate to be researching a subject like a pandemic?

I have a lot of hands on pandemic experience from my time in the Tropical Fish industry. That is the cruelest business on earth and pandemics happen regularly for identical reasons they happen to humans. Fish are very good test subjects for many reasons and no other species is so suited for the study of pandemic principles. I was not doing research at the time but to me, a fish's life is a life and when you’ve studied fish for as long as I did before being exposed to one disaster after another in the industry and having to personally deal with the dead first thing every morning, well, that is something unforgettable. Covid-19 then, was very easy for me to predict how it would play out and I’ve called the shots on this from the very beginning well before the medical community.

3. This book is full of preventative and healing information that medical authorities have not begun to think about yet. How did you do that? 

I started writing KILL THE CORONAVIRUS when all I was concerned about was congestion. My first article on the subject was published in THE INTERNATIONAL REBLE MACINE NEWSLETTER in 1996. I’ve rewritten it many times since as my understanding increased. In 2019, I decided I’d write THE CURE FOR THE COMMON COLD since I had the answers from having worked them out using myself as a guinea pig. It’s not rocket science. Defeating the common cold is very basic stuff that requires no medication. In fact the medications people use to fight the common cold are all well-known to doctors to be useless because they all know that the corona viruses  cannot be killed using antibiotics. So my ability to kill the common cold clearly had to come from a direction global medical communities traditionally don’t want to look in and legally cannot look in. Corona Viruses are protected from unbiased scrutiny by legislation globally. When Covid-19 struck, I just had to change the title of my book to focus on Covid-19 from the common cold and I was ready to go. 

4. If the book was done in January, why did it take until now to get it to print?

Citations and editing. I knew from the outset that me writing medical books as a non-medical professional would be a hard sell. So I had to write as the patient I am with a chip on my shoulder. A huge chip. To be taken seriously at all, I needed to cite previous work by others on subjects I was writing about. The time lapse between 1996 and now is due to the wait for science to catch up to me so I’d have something to cite. Even so, there are parts of the book where you just have to take my word for the information because there is no science on those subjects. Mucus and saliva for instance which are vital to understanding how the virus travels through the body have been mostly overlooked and since mucus is in fact the front line of our immune systems, you’d think they’d be more on the ball. Nope. Not understanding how mucus interacts with corona viruses is a big part of the reason why the medical sector is so out to lunch when it comes to combatting Covid-19.

5. You say killing the corona virus is not rocket science. In simple terms then, what is this pandemic about?

Science is attempting to take the battle to  the virus on the virus’s own terms by assaulting its continually mutating RNA instead of attacking its glaring, stable weakness: fat. This battle can only be won by attacking Covid-19’s Achilles Heel: fat. And as anyone who has ever washed a fry pan knows, you clear the fat from surfaces with soap. So my book is all about how you wash not only the fat off the virus, but how to remove the fat and sticky proteins from our bodies right down to the molecular level. The reasons why science is directing its attention to Covid-19’s RNA instead of fat is where you look if you want to defeat the pandemic and at the same time expose the heart of the frauds perpetrated on the public by the combined forces of the food industry, the medical community, Big Pharma and corrupt food agencies within governments. Without that global fraud, the Covid-19 pandemic, the flu and even the common cold could not exist.

KILL THE CORONAVIRUS is available in the USA and Canada at Amazon and Barnes & Noble

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