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  • Chapters 1-3 - An account of what the Canadian government and by default what most other governments around the world were telling the public about Covid-19. That takes 9 brief pages because not much was known then and apparently haven’t learned much since.

  • Chapter 4 - Mucus Loading - An explanation about the importance of saliva and mucus to your immune system. Understanding this is critical for Coronavirus management,
  • Chapter 5 - Why You Are Viral Catnip - This where you learn whether or not you are a Covid-19 candidate;
  • Chapter 6 - The Human Glue Trap - What makes humans so special to Coronaviruses;
  • Chapter 7 - Virology 101 - An explanation of how Coronaviruses replicate that anyone can understand;
  • Chapter 8 - Preventative Measures - There are certain basic things you can do to protect yourself and your family that governments could be telling people but have not so far;
  • Chapter 9 - What to Drink - There are liquids that help and liquids that just make things worse;
  • Chapter 10 - Chew Your Water, Drink Your Food - This is where you learn how to drink and eat properly;
  • Chapter 11 - Drink and Eat in Bed Without Choking - Not all throats are created equal, especially if you have acid reflux;
  • Chapter 12 - Enzymes to the Rescue - We talk a lot about Vitamins and Minerals - Enzymes play an important role in your health too;
  • Chapter 13 - The Tools and Cleanliness - Simple things to keep in mind that could save your life;
  • Chapter 14 - What to Eat - All foods are not created equal;
  • Chapter 15 - Safe Anti-inflammatories - Inflammation is becoming increasingly prominent in health care;
  • Chapter 16 - The Basic Salad - Start with these ingredients and work from there;
  • Chapter 17 - A Basic Soup - Anyone can make soup but it’s important to know what needs to be in it;
  • Chapter 18 - The Unvarnished Truth About Fibre;
  • Chapter 19 - Clearing Congestion - If your lungs are constantly full of mucus, this can help;
  • Chapter 20 - A Fun Way to Clear the Sinuses - Make plugged sinuses a thing of the past;
  • Chapter 21 - The Importance of Lemons and Limes - Doctors are at least 200 years out of date on this subject;
  • Chapter 22 - Treating Post Nasal Drip - For some people this is a constant annoyance but it doesn’t have to be;
  • Chapter 23 - Combatting the Dry Cough - The torture can end easily and quickly;
  • Chapter 24 - Pneumonia - Often what kills Covid-19 victims, this condition needs to be taken very seriously;
  • Chapter 25 - Lung Flush - It does what it says on the bottle;
  • Chapter 26 - Convalescence - Nowhere else is this information available; 
  • Chapter 27 - Motivation - Being sick with any respiratory illness is a de-motivator; but it doesn’t have to be that way;
  • Chapter 28 - Pharmaceuticals and Supplements - What works, what does not;
  • Chapter 29 - Drugs and Supplement Corruption
  • Chapter 30 - Decongestant Supplements - Some of these things just make things worse;
  • Chapter 31 - The Last Immunity - Pieces of the Puzzle: Fat and Saponins - immunity basics;
  • Chapter 32 - Essential Exercise - Laying in bed suffering will not stimulate healing blood flow, you need to get moving;
  • Chapter 33 - The Healing Process - How it Happens - This is the part we expect doctors to tell us, but they know nothing about it;
  • Chapter 34 - What to Expect as You Heal - Getting better is not without its challenges;
  • ABOUT THE AUTHOR - A little bit is in the book, but more is on this website - check it out and learn why it was me who figured out how to deal with Covid-19 correctly and not doctors or scientists.
  • LAST MINUTE INFORMATION - A few thoughts to end with.
  • YOU’RE INFECTED, NOW WHAT? - things you need to consider in case and before you do become infected by Covid-19

KILL THE CORONAVIRUS is available in the USA and Canada at Amazon and Barnes & Noble

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